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Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad

In January this year, just over 7000 students took part in the RSC’s Chemistry Olympiad Round 1, including 3 students from Launceston College. This followed weeks of preparation where the students gave up one lunch time each week, spending it with Dr Lancaster in order to look over the format of previous papers and to develop their problem solving skills. The papers are deliberately tough and are intended to challenge Year 13 students. Although the Olympiad is built on A Level knowledge, the focus is much more on problem solving and on applying concepts to scenarios far removed from anything studied at A Level.

The students who took the paper at Launceston College were Ellie Fish, Coral Benfield, Rosie Sheldrake, Filip Janicki, Harry Draper, Jordan Andrews-Duggan, Ollie Johnson and Georgia Hill. All of the students did very well. Harry achieved a Bronze certificate, with a score that put him in the top 40% of all students who attempted the paper. The rest of the entrants all achieved a silver award. The highest score was achieved by Ellie, with a score that puts her in the top 10% nationally. They are the first students from Launceston College to take part in this challenge. It is expected that several of the current Year 12s will follow in their footsteps next year.