Separate Science Revision

Students at Launceston College study the AQA Biology, Chemistry, and Physics GCSE courses. These can be found here:




Exams: (not to be taken in  2021)

Students in Year 11 will sit six exams:

·         GCSE Biology Paper 1 and Paper 2

·         GCSE Chemistry Paper 1 and Paper 2

·         GCSE Physics Paper 1 and Paper 2

All exams are 1hour 45minutes in duration.

Revision resources:
2021 Assessment Resources:

Separate Science Yr 11 Assessment Topics

GCSE Science Yr 11 Assessment Topics

GCSE Science How to Revise


CGP revision guides:

How to use this resource: Students have been given the opportunity to purchase CGP revision guides. These can be used to create mind maps or quizzes, which can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding. There are also some exam questions and quiz questions created at the end of every unit. This is particularly useful for checking and revising subject knowledge.

How to use this resource: This is an online platform that we subscribe to which contains a wealth of resources, along with digital versions of textbooks (students should be very familiar with this)

Students will need to log in, and should have their details for this. If not, they should contact their science teacher.

Seneca Learning

How to use this resource: Seneca learning has all the content for the AQA Science courses, for both higher and foundation tiers. Students can answer the questions in order to assess and develop their subject knowledge. Resources can be re-read to ensure that there are no misconceptions. Students are often set work to complete as homework using this, but they can also access all the content at any time for their personal revision and study.

If your student does not already have a log in to Seneca we suggest that they use their school email and a memorable password – perhaps the same as their school log in details.


How to use this resource: There is a wealth of helpful revision videos to be found on youtube, and so long as correct searching is done (type “AQA GCSE” first before a topic), correct information can always be found. Here are some recommended videos/channels:

Free Science Lessons

Christopher Thornton

Primrose Kitten

Amoeba sisters