Maths Revision

Students at Launceston College study the Edexcel (9-1) GCSE in mathematics 1MA1. This can be found here:

Exams: (not to be taken in  2021)

Students in Year 11 will sit three exam papers, each 1 hour and 30 minutes long.  They will sit either a foundation (grades 1-5) or higher (grades 4-9) tier papers.  Paper 1 is non-calculator, paper 2 and 3 are calculator papers.  All three papers have to be sat at the same tier, 80 marks each paper, with the same weighting of 33.33% per paper.  All papers have a range of questions from any of the content: Number; Algebra; Ratio, proportion and rates of change; Geometry and measures; Probability; and Statistics.

Revision resources:
Pearson’s revision guides, workbooks and practice plus books

How to use this resource: Students are given regular opportunities to buy Pearson’s resources from us within school.  These resources are written by the Edexcel exam board. The revision guide and workbook one topic-per-page format provides hassle-free revision, having the same topic on the same page number.  Level indicators on the page allow students to progress at a speed that is right for them and for exam practice, and the revision workbooks provide practice in 3 speeds: guided questions, unguided questions and practice exam papers.  The revision guides also come with a code which can be inputted into their ActiveLearn account (see AcitveLearn below for help how to login to this account) so they can have a digital version of the book as well.  Use the revision guide to go through notes of the topics and then the same page of the workbook to practise the content.  Some content and questions have QR codes that can be scanned using mobiles that will take students to videos to help and support on that topic or question. Practice Paper books consist of three sets of three practice papers (9 papers in total) with helpful hints and tips to answer the question.  Worked answers are provided in the back of the book.

CorbettMaths Revision Cards

How to use this resource: Students are also given regular opportunities to buy CorbettMaths revision cards.  90 detailed cards available at foundation or higher tier.  We recommend the students make three piles from topics they are most confident to least confident.  During revision sessions they work through topics starting with the least confident topics first.  On the front of the cards are key notes which you can test them on, reverse of each card are links to videos, exam questions and solutions.  Every Year 11 tutor group have a set of these cards to use during tutor times.


How to use this resource:


We highly recommend the CorbettMaths 5-a-day for revision, to be completed a small bite-sized revision throughout the year.  Use the 5-a-day GCSE 9-1 to download 5 revision question (answers also available on the website) for every day of the week available at a range of levels:

·         Numeracy 5aday – broadly designed for students aiming for Grades 1, 2 and 3.

·         Foundation – broadly designed for students aiming for Grades 3 and 4.

·         Foundation Plus – broadly designed for students aiming for Grades 4, 5 and 6.

·         Higher – broadly designed for students aiming for Grades 6 and 7.

·         Higher Plus – broadly designed for students aiming for Grades 8 and 9.

Videos and worksheets

CorbettMaths also has nearly 400 videos and worksheets available which talks students through many common GCSE topics.

Practice papers and model solutions

Foundation and higher GCSE practice papers and model solutions.

Edexcel GCSE Summer 2019

CorbettMaths also provides revision resources, content lists and practice papers of topics as exam papers commence.  This can be used during the exam season to keep up with revision and topics still to come up in the exams.

Seneca Learning 

How to use this resource: Seneca learning has all the core content for maths using the Edexcel Foundation or higher sections, with information to support student learning. Students can answer the questions in order to assess their subject knowledge. Resources can be re-read to ensure that there are no misconceptions. This is particularly useful for checking subject knowledge.

If your student does not already have a log in to Seneca we suggest that they use their school email and a memorable password – perhaps the same as their school log in details.

Maths GCSE Podcasts by Seneca

How to use this resource:

Seneca offers free podcasts to help you learn what you need to know for your GCSE Maths exams.

In our podcast series, students break down complicated revision subjects to its core components. Making the challenging, straightforward.

The podcast are available wherever you get your podcasts from. Either search for ‘Revise Maths’ where you get your podcasts or click on the links below:

Revise GCSE Maths on Apple Podcasts

Revise GCSE Maths on Spotify

Revise GCSE Maths on Breaker

Revise GCSE Maths on Castbox

Revise GCSE Maths on PodBean

Revise GCSE Maths on Google Podcasts

Revise GCSE Maths on Anchor

Revise GCSE Maths on Breaker

Revise GCSE Maths on Overcast

Revise GCSE Maths on Pocket Casts

Revise GCSE Maths on RadioPublic

Maths Genie

How to use this resource:

Use this website to access videos, exam question booklets and solutions organised by GCSE grade.  So students can concentrate on grades 1 to 5 for foundation tier and grades 5 to 9 for higher tier.

Past papers

This website also has videos that talks through the questions of exam papers, links to exam papers, mark schemes and solutions.  An excellent resource for revision.


How to use this resource:

We subscribe to this website, students need a username and password to use this site.  It is written in the useful websites section of their book expectations sheet, stuck in the front cover of their maths book.  Or please ask them to contact their maths teachers to ask for these details.  On this website are videos, worksheets and solutions of the 74 common revision topics at the crossover topics that are on both the higher and foundation paper at grade 4 to 5.

Every week the website provides resources in a final countdown tab, resources start going on the website from January.  The resources are available at three levels crossover (grades 4 to 5), working above (higher tier students grade 6 and above) and work towards (foundation tier students grades 1 to 3).

Also, highly recommended is the RAG section of this website.  For all exam papers since 2017 students can enter results after sitting the paper they will be sent an email with a link to a video of how to answer all the questions and a new paper of all the questions they got wrong with new numbers in so they can practice the skills again.


How to use this resource:

Every student has a login to this website to access a digital copy of their GCSE classroom textbook.  Students have a login which is the same as their school username e.g 16LEW1234.  There is also a forgotten my password link to reset passwords themselves.  They can contact their maths teacher if they have an issue with this.  This website works best on google chrome and you have to ensure pop-ups are enabled (if not google how to enable popups on google chrome for instructions on how to do this).  In textbooks there are chapter exercises, further strengthen and extend sections and unit topic tests.