Geography Revision

Students at Launceston College study the AQA specification. This can be found here:

Useful revision website:

This website has course notes and links to a variety of sources that are directly linked to each unit within our course.

Exams: (not to be taken in  2021)

Students in Year 11 will sit three exams

·         Unit 1: Living with the physical environment

o   Section A: The challenge of natural hazards

o   Section B: The living world

o   Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

·         Unit 2: Challenges in the human environment

o   Section A: Urban issues and challenges

o   Section B: The changing economic world

o   Section C: The challenge of resource management

·         Unit 3: Geographical applications

o   Section A: Issue evaluation

o   Section B: Fieldwork

Revision resources:
CGP revision guide:

How to use this resource: Many students have been encouraged to buy the CGP revision guide and we use many of the case studies from here.  The revision guide can be used to create mind maps or quizzes. This can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding. There are also some exam questions and quiz questions created at the end of every unit. This is particularly useful for checking and revising subject knowledge.

Exam questions A3 sheets

How to use this resource: This resource is focused on key exam questions for each unit. Students can use this to mind map subject knowledge and to have a go at answering exam questions. This helps to check understanding and application of the subject knowledge. Students can then receive feedback from their teachers. This is particularly useful for revising subject knowledge and checking understanding. As well as applying the knowledge to specific questions.

Seneca Learning

How to use this resource: Seneca learning has all the core content for components 1 and 2, with information to support student learning. Students can answer the questions in order to assess their subject knowledge. Resources can be re-read to ensure that there are no misconceptions. This is particularly useful for checking subject knowledge.

Past exam question

How to use this resource: This link contains all the past exam questions. Students can practice and answer these questions. Teachers can read these and provide feedback. This is particularly useful to check understanding and application of subject knowledge.