English Revision

Students at Launceston College study the AQA specification for English language and English literature.  Students gain two separate qualifications. The specifications can be found here:



Exams: (not to be taken in  2021)

Students in Year 11 will sit two exams for each subject, making a total of 4 exams.

English language Paper 1:  Explorations in creative reading and writing

English language Paper 2:  Writers viewpoints and perspectives

English literature Paper 1:  Shakespeare and the 19th century novel

English literature Paper 2:  Modern texts and poetry

Revision resources:
We offer a range of CGP revision guides and Cross Academe guides (examples below):

How to use these resources: Students may order CGP revision guides covering the language aspect of the course from College or are readily available online or in bookshops. For literature, we offer students the opportunity to purchase magazine style revision guides published by Cross Academe through College but there are a wealth of other revision guides should you wish to find an alternative. Revision guides are great for consolidating knowledge and as a starting point for mind-mapping and other revision activities students will be familiar with.

How to use this resource: This resource is useful for testing the core knowledge, including key vocabulary for a range of literature texts. Students should use the knowledge organisers to test their understanding of key characters, themes, plot details (including specific textual references) and contextual information related to the texts.  Peers and parents could use the knowledge organisers to test students’ knowledge.  How much has been securely committed to the long term memory?

Seneca Learning

How to use this resource: Seneca learning has a huge amount of core content for both literature papers and some top tips for the language papers, with information to support student learning. Students can answer the questions in order to assess their subject knowledge. Resources can be re-read to ensure that there are no misconceptions. This is particularly useful for checking subject knowledge.

If your student does not already have a log in to Seneca we suggest that they use their school email and a memorable password – perhaps the same as their school log in details.

Past exam questions

How to use this resource: 



These links take you to AQA’s past question and mark schemes.  The mark schemes have exemplar answers and should be used by students to sharpen their approach to questions they most need to focus on.  Students may choose to complete some or all of a particular paper and can hand to their teacher for feedback.


How to use this resource: Students can listen to the audiopi material for the power and conflict poems and also Macbeth. This resource is particularly useful for developing subject knowledge, consolidating understanding and catching up after an absence. Every student has a log in username and password for audiopi, however if you are unsure please ask your English teacher.