Computer Science

Students at Launceston College study the OCR Computer Science (9-1) J277 specification for GCSE. This can be found here:

The course contains two exams at the end of Year 11; consisting of Comp 1(Computer Systems) and Comp 2(Computational thinking, algorithms and programming).

Exams: (not to be taken in 2021)

Students in Year 11 will have two examinations in OCR Computer Science (9-1). Both examinations are 1 hr 30 mins in length and are assessed in the form of a written paper. This takes place in the summer examination window.

Revision resources:
Student Book

How to use this resource: Students have access to the Computer Science student book. This book covers all content for both Comp 1 and Comp 2; reinforcing the learning that takes place in the classroom and giving them questions to test their knowledge and understanding. This book has been given to all students.


CGP GCSE OCR Computer Science revision guide:

How to use this resource: Students have been given a CGP revision guide. This can be used to create mind maps or quizzes. This can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding. There are also some exam questions and quiz questions created at the end of every unit. This is particularly useful for checking and revising subject knowledge.

CGP GCSE OCR Computer Science Exam Practice workbook:

How to use this resource: Students will be issued with a CGP Exam Practice workbook. This can be used to develop and refine their approach to their final year exams. This workbook will be issued in Year 11 to support their preparation for the final exams. The workbook contains answers; allowing for students to check their quality and accuracy of their answers.

Google Classroom

How to use this resource: Students have access to Google Classroom When they sign into the classroom they have access to all lesson resources including PowerPoint’s and worksheets they already have in their folders, to support their learning.

Seneca Learning

How to use this resource: Seneca learning has a huge amount of core content for both literature papers and some top tips for the language papers, with information to support student learning. Students can answer the questions in order to assess their subject knowledge. Resources can be re-read to ensure that there are no misconceptions. This is particularly useful for checking subject knowledge.

If your student does not already have a log in to Seneca we suggest that they use their school email and a memorable password – perhaps the same as their school log in details.