Citizenship Revision

Students at Launceston College study the AQA specification. This can be found here:

Exams: (not to be taken in  2021)

There are two papers, both papers are 1hr 45 mins.

Paper 1:

Section A: Active citizenship – this includes the active citizenship project

Section B: Politics and participation

Paper 2:

Section A: Life in modern Britain

Section B: Rights and responsibilities

Revision resources:
Key knowledge quizzes

Revision questions rights and responsibilities

Revision questions politics and participation

How to use this resource: This resource is useful for testing the core knowledge, including key terminology for all the units. Students can be quizzed by a peer or an adult at home. The answers are also included. This is particularly important as students will need to understand the language used in the questions and the examiner will be looking for key terminology to be used accurately in the answer.

Citizenship revision guide

How to use this resource: This revision guide has been created by the College and therefore has all the up to date case studies that students have studied in it. This can be used to create mind maps or quizzes. This can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding. There are also some exam questions and quiz questions created at the end of every unit. This is particularly useful for checking and revising subject knowledge. The revision guide summarises all the key content that you need to be successful in your exam.

BBC Bitesize

How to use this resource: This resource can be used to revise some of the citizenship content. Students can read through the revision notes and test themselves on the knowledge on line.

BBC Bitesize Link 1

This resource is for Modern Studies rather than Citizenship so it is really important that students only use the relevant parts: Democracy in Scotland and the UK and Social issues: Crime and Law and Inequality.

BBC Bitesize Link 2

In this section the relevant sections are: democracy and justice, identity and diversity and rights and responsibilities.

Past exam questions for active citizenship

How to use this resource: This resource contains all the past exam questions for this unit in paper 1. Students can practice applying their projects to these questions. Teachers can read these and provide feedback.