Welcome to the Launceston College Revision Hub
The aim of this to provide both parents and students with the information and resources to best prepare students for their up and coming exams.
Please find below some advice about suggested revision strategies with some examples.

How to revise booklet

When planning your revision it might be useful to consider these free resources which will help you create a revision timetable.

Adapt – This app creates a revision timetable for all your subjects based on when you say you are free and when your exams are. It ensures you cover every aspect of each course at least once by the time your exams come around.

Get revising  – the website allow you create an online revision timetable for free it allows a more personalised plan to be created

Paper copies of the calendar are also in the back of the revision guidance link above

Revision strategies – this video will explain so strategies to help you revise

Year 11 parents information evening 2021 – presentation slides

New Great Learning Habits study guide

Great Learning Habits


Please visit the subject specific folders for details on key revision strategies and resources unique to each subject. This is an excellent starting place for those new to revision or lacking direction in what to do next.