Return Curriculum

The Covid 19 pandemic and the closure of schools marks an unprecedented break in normal curriculum provision for students. Our reunion simultaneously seeks to both restart normal provision, effectively guide those preparing for external examination; and also recognise that circumstances have changed significantly for students, and that risks and uncertainties about the future still remain.

Return Curriculum Intent

Our return curriculum will help and support students to develop a personal understanding of the experiences of loss and interruption to their school career. We will help and support students to develop the self-awareness, learning skills and sense of community that will offer them a clear, inspiring vision for their future learning, achievement and personal development. We will provide a creatively adapted, connected curriculum of academic rigour and ambition, which recognises that breadth and richness in our students’ learning is more important than ever, and which can be flexible and responsive to student need. We will create coherently structured programmes of learning with clearly signalled end points, which students, staff and parents understand. We will provide comprehensive, personal support for the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our school community, protecting it where needed from unnecessary external pressure, because we recognise wellbeing as a pre-condition for learning and academic progress. Our return curriculum will provide unprecedented opportunities to listen to students, with whom we will seek to forge creative and imaginative ways to nurture and inspire our reintegrating school communities.

Please find below an outline for each subject which intends to outline what will have been covered by September .