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Rescorla Win English House Challenge

Kerri Hillman, 7TP, won the recent English House challenge. Her story, beautifully real, tells the tale of a bird killed by a cat, whilst also conveying the story line metaphorically, showing it to be a human slaughtered by a monster. The nature of her writing was truly poetic. Lilly Kerwin, also 7TP, came third, which for her was still a major achievement. Although she has written narratives in the past, this was her first “official” submission. Her story tells the tale of a person running away, who is later shocked to be given two paths. The path that they end up choosing fittingly delivers them back home. The both feel that that after this challenge, the will participate in English house challenges more, telling me they already enjoy English lessons as a whole. And with them already having an increasingly high participation rate in House competitions, it should serve as a reminder to us all to be involved.