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Rescorla's latest achievements

Awards Evening 12th November 2015 
Thursday was an evening of celebrations, as nominated students from all years gathered together to acknowledge their achievements –  including all of year 12, who in 2015 achieved the best GCSE results in the whole county. The evening was a prestigious event with speakers at the top of their field presenting the awards, many of whom were from the local area, such as Imerys director Ashley Shopland, who had attended Launceston College in the past. A lot of incredible talent was celebrated during the evening; some amazingly accomplished musicians accompanied the event and gave the whole ceremony a sophisticated atmosphere. The event was well attended, and many people came away with a sense that Launceston College has some very gifted young individuals, who will go on to do great things. We all hope to see the event grow and progress throughout the years, with new speakers to present the awards to more students receiving recognition for their effort each time.
Rescorla Eagle trip 2015
On Friday the 6th of November, Mr O’Donoghue and two Rescorla students, Dan and Jonathan in JKI, went to visit the eagle that Rescorla has adopted, in honour of Rick Rescorla. Jason the eagle is doing well, and the centre are hoping to have chicks soon, which I’m sure will be quite adorable. According to Dan, the overall day was ‘great, especially the ball pool,’ which seemed to have made a big impression on them.
What a brilliant outcome of collecting the shoeboxes! CTH held the title for the most shoeboxes last year, 26 altogether. However, this year CTH has managed to beat their own impressive record with 38 shoeboxes! This is absolutely incredible. Well done CTH and also well done anyone else who helped put a shoebox together! The children who receive these cherish them and are hugely grateful for them. Amazing effort, Rescorla!
DT interior design competition
Out of 95 entries, the DT interior design competition has been narrowed down to a winner! Mr Blackburn told us that it was a difficult process with some fantastic entries (although only four from Rescorla), but the evident effort, care and imagination that went into one design set it “head and shoulders above the others”: Katrina Henwood (who is only in year 7) created an innovative and original idea, complete with a detailed 3D model and booklet explaining the materials and aspects of her design. Katrina told us it took her about three days to come up with the idea and to build the model, especially as her cat tried to eat it!
Most of the concepts from her design will be built almost exactly how she has planned it, including her unique idea of each door representing a particular theme – for instance, the textiles classroom (D10) has a patchwork theme. We will keep you updated on how the project progresses; according to DT, they aim to start the building work by Christmas.