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Remote learning in Hair and Beauty

Hair and beauty students have been commenting on their course so far.

I think hair and beauty is a good GCSE to do because you learn different types of hairstyles and makeup from all years, but you still must do writing and exams, however, Mrs Bignell is funny and will help you to get your grade. When I was in year 10 I thought that hair and beauty would be hard but when you get into it, it’s really not!

Nicola, Year 11


My experience with hair and beauty has made me learn the industry and the history of hair and beauty, where this subject has adapted over time. We are able to learn through eras of what hair and beauty was like back then. We’ve been looking at the 60s which is very interesting of how far it has adapted over time with the volumized hair and the doll face makeup look. Not only we learn it but do it with doing practical of our own to create looks inspired from hair and beauty.

My online practical

The work takes time and hard work to complete as with the hair to fully understand all based of hair and beauty, I have learnt that hair and beauty subject can be hard work but will have a good impact in future life.

Layla, Year 11