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At the very centre of our College is an art installation after being inspired by the stunning Remembrance displays both in London and Launceston.  Numerous students have contributed to the art memorial, writing poems and messages on their flowers. It is a beautiful display that commemorates this important anniversary of the First World War, honouring those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. The art installation follows a series of assemblies to all students and precedes our House Captains’ attendance in Launceston at the Community Remembrance service. The College was also privileged, before half-term, to have Myah Smith and Emmie-Kate George, accompanied by Mrs Lancaster, to go on a trip to the battlefields, departing early Sunday morning and returning late on Wednesday. The trip, organised jointly by Poetry by Heart foundation and UCL Institute of Education, and funded by a government grant, was designed to enable UK students to engage more deeply with the poetry of WWI by visiting the battlefield sites, the memorials and cemeteries across the Ypres Salient and The Somme.  Myah and Emmie-Kate won their places because of their successful performances in last year’s Poetry by Heart competition.