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Question Time with Parliamentary Candidates

DSC_0050With less than 90 days to go until the General Election, students were given the opportunity to question some of the parliamentary candidates for our North Cornwall constituency. The Liberal Democrat’s were represented by Adam Paynter, who was joined by the candidates from the Green Party; Amanda Pennington, UKIP; Julie Lingard and the Conservatives; Scott Mann. The Labour party did not accept our invitation and so they were not represented.DSC_0046

Three sixth form students; Alex Dart, Chris Wills and Leigh Rickard, helped to organise the event which aimed to engage young people with the political process. The whole of the sixth form attended the event, with a wide range of issues raised, covering environmental and energy issues, the economy and role of the UK within Europe, education and how it will be funded and provided for in the future and the impact that the media plays within election campaigns.

For many of our students, the 7th of May will be their first opportunity to vote in a general election. We want to give our students the opportunity to become politically literate, to make informed decisions when it comes to voting for who they want to represent them within Parliament.