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Peninsula Medical School Visit

On March 27th 2018, 12 students in Year 9 headed to the Plymouth Peninsula Medical School, to find out more about scientific and medical careers within the University. The day was designed to offer students the chance to find out a bit more about University life as well as what life might be like working in a scientific career. They were given 3 activities to complete, using resources and techniques that we are just not able to provide within a school environment.

  • They identified and learnt more about fruit flies, as a model organism for studying genetics
  • Extracted DNA from bananas
  • Culturing cells within an aseptic lab setting

The students thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon session and loved working with the university students, who helped them to complete the activities. It has inspired some of the students to consider a career in science and made them realise there are lots of opportunities within research and medicine that don’t necessarily involve becoming a doctor or nurse.