Important Notices

PE Uniform Addendum November 2020

As we enter the colder winter months, with new PE COVID protocols in place, please be aware that we are more likely to deliver PE lessons outside.

It is important that students come to PE lessons prepared to go outside in the elements with correct kit that will keep them warm.

We recommend that students wear:

  • Multiple base layers (tops and bottoms) – these items are important in order to keep warm!
  • Tracksuit bottoms, leggings (both can be worn for extra warmth)
  • School PE T-shirt
  • PE hoodie/sweatshirt
  • Rugby shirt (boys)
  • Towel (to dry hair if it gets wet)
  • Astro turf trainers/plastic studded boots (3G Astro use)

Students should not wear coats for PE lessons as this breaches health and safety guidance; instead students should layer up with base layers. This will also ensure that students have dry coats to put on in their classrooms.