Launceston College is pleased to announce that we have invested in Accelerated Reader; a reading initiative we believe will make a huge difference to students’ learning and enjoyment. All Year 7 students have been enrolled on this programme from the start of February 2014.

The programme encourages reading for pleasure and allows students to earn points for their reading too.are you ready blue

Students will take a STAR reading test this month to assess their reading level and then the programme will provide them with a choice of book titles to choose from.

After completing a book, students will take an on-line quiz to assess how well they have understood the book and also to allow their English teachers to monitor their progress and set relevant targets.

Scheduled reading sessions will take place in one Library lesson each week and also in a tutor period. However the programme works best when students read for at least 30 minutes per day.

As parents you will be able to log in and see what sort of books your child is reading. Parental support with reading is a crucial element in students making progress. Reading at home is strongly encouraged, and this reading will then be assessed via the quizzes which can only take place in College.

Students will continue with Accelerated Reader into Year 8.

We will shortly send you more information about Accelerated Reader and also details about how your child can log in to the system.

Accelerated Reader launches on Monday 3rd February.

Guide for Parents