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Parent Teacher Meeting Feedback

We recently held a Year 8 Parent Teacher Meeting in the English block. In the past these meetings have been held either in the Old Hall or in the Games Hall.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents who attended and gave feedback on the evening. The feedback we received from parents and teachers about the meeting will help us to improve these events and hopefully make them run more smoothly for everyone concerned.

Parents commented positively that the meeting was,

‘Well organised. Quieter. Thank you.’ ‘Bit more personal and definitely quieter.’

Parents voted 2:1 in favour of holding parent’s evenings in the English block in the future.

Similarly teachers felt that the evening worked well in the new venue. One teacher commented that they,

‘Much preferred the English rooms, less frenetic and more of a relaxed environment. If parents had questions that we couldn’t answer, we were closer to the other members of our faculties to check with them.’

Based on the feedback we will ensure that the following is actioned,

  1. When you book your appointments on-line you will be able to see if a teacher is on the top or bottom floor and therefore plan your appointments more efficiently
  2. Better signage at the front of school
  3. Ensure a list of absent staff is available to help you manage your appointments.

Thank you again

Louise Rash