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Motor Vehicle Students Visit Land Speed Record Car

On Friday 17th January students from the Year 10 group of Motor Vehicle Studies were invited to UTC Plymouth to see and hear about the Bloodhound SSC. Bloodhound SSC is the British supersonic car that will attempt to take the land speed record. The car will be capable of travelling in excess of 1000mph.

The students were given a talk on the project by Bloodhound SSC team members, from how it all started to what was hoped to be achieved and beyond. There was a question and answer session where one of the students, Josh Hoather, was given a key ring, made from the material used for the Bloodhound suspension, for some constructive questioning.

After the presentation the students were given various demonstrations on materials used for rocket power and combustion. This produced a lot of “flashes and bangs” which was much appreciated by all. The students were then divided into groups and took part in scientific workshops looking at rocket power and vehicle construction, without using plans. One group built simple models of the Bloodhound which was powered by a compressed air capsule. They were then fixed on a track raced through timing gates. These covered a distance of about 45feet, (approximately 15 metres), in just over a second.

There was a full size version of the Bloodhound SSC at the venue with plenty of photo opportunities.

The College motor vehicle staff, Jonathan Baldwin and Dan McDonnell stated it was a great afternoon with plenty for the students to do. It has fired their imagination as to what can be achieved in a career of engineering. It will be good for them to know that they were a part of it when the attempt is made in South Africa . Our thanks to UTC and the Bloodhound SSC team for making this possible.We all thoroughly enjoyed it.