Motor Vehicle
Course: IMI Level 1.

Students at Launceston College study the Institute of the Motor Industries specifications . This can be found here: under the heading of IMI Level 1 Certificate in Transport Maintenance Generic.  I.D: 601/8754/2(G) for both year 10 and year 11


Students in Year 10 and 11 will sit one on line exam.

Year 10 and 11 will be assessed on Written and Practical task over the two-year period on the following;

L1MV01 Health and Safety in the work place

L1MV02 Locating, interpreting and using Technical Information.

L1MV03 Applying Engineering Techniques in an Automotive Environment.

L1MV04 Knowledge Relating to Automotive Foundation Skills.

L1MV06 Preparing to Become a Vehicle Driver.

L1MV08 Reducing Risks When Driving a Vehicle.

L1MV11 Health and Safety Practices in a Maintenance and Repair Environment.

L1MV15 Health and Safety Practices in a Valeting and Detailing Environment.

L1MV20 Compression Ignition Engine System Components and Operation.

L1MV26 Compression Ignition Fuel System Maintenance.

L1MV19 Spark Ignition Engine system Components and Operation.

L1MV28 Light Vehicle Braking System Components and Maintenance.

L1MV47 Electrical Foundation Skills.

Revision resources


Principles of Light Vehicle Operation Level 1 Published: Heinmann ISBN 978-0-435-04815-0.

Principals of Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2. Published: Heinmann ISBN 978-0-435-0416-7

. Autodata Technical Data Published: Autodata-group ISBN: 978-1-905922-65-9.

Autodata Diesel Data Published: Autodata-Group ISBN 978-1-905922-66-6.

Alongside a range of Hayes Manuals according to make of car.


 U-tube depending on car make and maintenance needed. and Manufactures Websites (Such as Ford UK, Jaguar/ Land rover UK)

How to use this resource: Students are able to borrow any books for further research This can be used to create mind maps or planning sheets. This can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding.

Watch how tasks are undertake no U-tube

Key knowledge handbooks

How to use this resource: This resource is useful for testing the core knowledge, including key terminology for all the units. Students can be quizzed by a peer or an adult at home. The answers can be found on front desk blue folder marked Level 1. This is particularly important as students will need to understand the language used in the questions and the IV and EV will be looking for key terminology to be used accurately in the answer.

On-line Exam based at College under full Exam conditions and could be part of the IV and EV process.

How to use this resource: This resource is part of the IV and EV process and has to be run under full exams conditions

Past exam question There are no passed papers as its an on-line exam and question banks change from day to day . IMI run the exam