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MFL Immersive Learning Day

For the recent Immersive Learning Day, Year 8 spent the day within the MFL department learning all about the traditions and festivities surrounding the Mexican Day of the Dead. The festival which is celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November coincides with Hallowe’en and La Toussaint, the day in which the French also commemorate the dead. The day gave students the opportunity to understand the traditions and celebrations and to compare them with their own customs.

Throughout the day, students worked on many cross-curricular activities including creating papel picado, the traditional ornate paper decorations of Mexico, as well as looking at how the different traditions celebrate the lives of loved ones.

In line with the College’s APLUS programme, the discussion point for the day was ‘Should we celebrate the Day of the Dead in the UK?’ and the final session saw students having in-depth and well-reasoned discussions as to why, or why not, we should introduce some of the Mexican or French traditions into British culture. Popular talking points included how the typical autumnal weather would impact upon night street parades and the British reservation when it comes to talking about death.