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Maths Feast Year 10 Competition

On Friday 8th March, four of our Year 10 students, went to the Metrological Office in Exeter, to take part in a Maths Feast competition.  Maths Feast is a fun educational challenge for Year 10 students which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills. Teams of four students test their maths skills with our all-you-can-eat feast of problems!

There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success.  Awards were given for good teamwork and for the winning team of each round.  Launceston College did particularly well in the 1st round of ‘Merry go round’, where students had 15 questions that each of them had to work on individually for a decreasing amount of time; and the 2nd ‘comprehension’ round, they were given an explanation of some Year 12 further maths concepts and some questions to complete using the new knowledge they had taught themselves.  Although we didn’t win overall the students were challenged by some very prestigious schools and came 6th out of 17 and worked really hard and should be really proud of their achievement.

Afterwards they had a tour of the Met Office and found out about the different kinds of mathematical jobs available to them, told about the history of forecasting, viewed some of the important historical forecasting like D day, looked around the Met Office College and library and asked many questions about the computing power of their super-computer (amazed by the power of 225 trillion calculations per second).