Learning While College is Closed

While College is closed, we know you are likely to be getting used to lots of new routines and may be managing a range of different responsibilities. There are still lots of learning activities that you can be getting involved with. You should find all the guidance you need below to get started. If you have any questions or concerns, the contact details of the relevant member of staff are below. Good luck, and do your best!

Launceston College Closure Letter

Home Learning Guidance for Students

Tips on Keeping Active

Online Educational Resources

Key Stage 3 Non-Screen activities you can do at home

Revision Hub


Google Classroom

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Guidance for Students – looking after yourself, creating routines and guidance for supporting your mental health

Heads of Faculty

English – Kate Prouse stfkep@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Maths – Natalia Sapelkina Tambling stfnvt@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Science – Craig Gowing stfcg@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Humanities – Jo Carlton stfjc@launcestoncollege.org.uk

MFL – Emmanuelle Chudleigh stfec@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Design and Enterprise – Alex Sandford stfajs@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Expressive Arts – Lucy Rose stfljr@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Heads of House

Causley – Paul Daymond stfpkd@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Hepworth – Tom Lyle stftl@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Rescorla – Samantha Hendy stfsh@launcestoncollege.org.uk

Trevithick – Emma Thompson stfejt@launcestoncollege.org.uk