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Launceston College students celebrate outstanding new GCSE results

Students at Launceston College were celebrating their excellent GCSE results this morning, with many students collecting a whole suite of the highest grades, as well as students achieving grades well above their own personal target. Grades 7-9 have replaced the A/A* top grades with Grade 9 set aside for the most exceptional attainment. Six students at the College achieved 8 GCSE grades 7-9; Alice Barriball  collected 6 grade 9s and three grade 8s; Luiseach Gillespie and Kai Chevannes both collected three grade 9s, and 4 grade 8s, and Nadine Wright collected 3 grade 9s, and four grade 8s.

Jenny Davies, Alex Robyns-Landricombe and Gigi Greathead all did exceptionally well, achieving on average far more than expected by prior achievement. Jenny achieved a grade 9 in Spanish and grade 8s in science, French, English literature and media. Alex achieved 7s for English and art whilst Gigi gained 8s in maths and physics whilst picking up 7s in art, chemistry, biology and English literature

Launceston College MAT Executive Principal, Jack Jackson, commented “We are delighted with Launceston College students’ achievements across a wide range of subjects, meeting the challenge of the new examinations with skill and commitment – it is impressive to see what young people can achieve when they work hard and are taught well”.

Launceston College Principal, Bryan Maywood, commented “I am hugely proud of the students and their achievements at GCSE; these results reflect five years of dedication and will provide a strong platform for their success in the study and work to follow; I strongly believe that the students’ academic success, coupled with the broader learning opportunities offered through the College’s residentials, adventure learning and House leadership will bring future rewards. The students have worked so hard, and we applaud the support they have received from their teachers and families.”

The College re-opens to students on Wednesday 4th September.

Further information on all exam results and other achievements can be found on our website, from the beginning of September.