Important Notices

Launceston College Protocols from 8 March 2021

These protocols are written for students, parents and staff to cover the key things we all need to know about College under the ongoing COVID restrictions. There is a lot of information here but I would ask that you take time to read it through in detail so that all staff and students attending College can do so as safely and confidently as possible. All guidance of course remains subject to change as the context of the pandemic continues to evolve. These protocols will be reviewed regularly and will be updated to include any further developments that take place. Further information relevant to the current situation, including testing information, can be found on the College website in the important notices and COVID section

Thank you all for your continuing support and understanding and for everything you are doing as a family to help keep our community safe.

Jenn Burn


Your first day back in College from Mon 8 March – testing day 1

Friday 5 March                  Sixth Form testing only – return to lessons in College on Monday 8 March.

Mon 8 March                     Year 11 staggered testing and return to College

Tues 9 March                     Year 10 staggered testing and return to College

Wed 10 March                  Year 9 staggered testing and return to College

Thurs 11 March                Year 8 staggered testing and return to College

Friday 12 March               Year 7 staggered testing and return to College

A staggered return throughout each day for each year group is necessary to allow for testing before students return to their classrooms. Please refer to the timetable for the exact lesson time of arrival at College for each tutor group on each day.

We fully recognise that a staggered return throughout the day may be inconvenient and present logistical challenges for families, especially those that rely on school buses, however, we would ask for your support with this wherever practically possible. Arriving at College at the lesson time allocated to your tutor group will avoid lengthy waits for students on site before returning to classrooms. Buses will of course be running as normal for students that have no other way of getting to College on their return date but we hope that with your cooperation the numbers will be minimal.

When students arrive, they should go directly to the Pre/Post testing waiting area in their hub;

Year 11 the Marquee

Year 10 the Bistro seating area

Year 9 the New Hall

Year 8 the Gym

Year 7 the Old Hall.

Staff will be on duty in the waiting area to direct students to the test centre. When students complete their test they will be directed back to the waiting area and wait for 30minutes.  This is the time it takes for the test to be processed.

Students should bring a book or relevant curriculum materials to read while they wait for the test, or wait for the result of their test. Once the 30mins is completed students will be directed to lesson as they can assume a negative test has been recorded.  We will not be able to tell every student of their negative test, although an NHS message will go to the phone number on their consent form.

If a student tests positive, we will know within the 30mins. Parents/carers will be contacted immediately and the student will be sensitively removed from the waiting area and isolated safely with support while awaiting collection to go home.

All testing is voluntary. Testing is however highly recommended to help keep the College COVID safe for everyone.

Consent forms must be completed prior to testing  We cannot accept verbal consent from parents or students. Where a student is consenting for themselves, because they are over 16, the student still needs to complete a consent form and should have discussed consent with their parents/carers.

If a student hasn’t returned their Consent form or parents haven’t consented then these students will make their way directly to normal lessons when they arrive at College.

After their first day back all students should arrive as a normal between 8.30-8.45am and make their way to tutor time.

Test 2 week beginning 15 March and test 3 week beginning 22 March

After their first day back students should arrive as a normal between 8.30-8.45am and make their way to tutor time. Students will follow the published test rota by tutor group for test 2 and 3. Students will be released from lessons at the appropriate time if they have consented to be tested. They will be directed to the test waiting area where a member of staff will direct them to the test centre.

If you are absent from College on a scheduled test day then you can be tested at break/lunchtime on the day that you return to College.

More details relating to testing can be found in the COVID section of the College website

Year group hubs – site organisation

  • Students placed into 7 “hub” groups on site – Year 7,8,9,10,11 Sixth Form, ARB
  • Hub year groups means minimal movement around site for students and minimal mixing of students between year groups.
  • Each hub of students to have lessons concentrated as a far as possible in one area, a designated outside space and inside space for breaks, and their own toilet facilities:
  1. Year 11English block, drama studio, small court and grass area between court and nursery, English toilets, D5
  2. Year 10Maths block, bistro seating area, larger court, covered seating area between art and English, maths toilets, D6
  3. Year 9Humanities rooms, new hall, pond area, humanities toilets
  4. Year 8MFL corridor and V6, V7 via outside door, new toilet block, Gym accessed from link corridor via external door.
  5. Year 7Science corridor, Old Hall, quad, Science toilets,
  6. ARB – entrance via reception, self-contained ARB facilities
  7. Sixth Form – Art, V1,2,3,4,5, PS1, Ex1, D3, Sixth Form Block,
  • Each hub area will be clearly signed
  • One-way system clearly signed and operating in corridors/stairs of hubs wherever possible
  • Each Hub entrance will be clearly signed from the entrance points to the College site – front of College, Dunheved Road and the park gate. Duty staff to direct students to proceed directly to designated hub area and not to mix with students from other year groups.
  • Separate eating areas and outdoor space for each hub of students clearly signed to indicate which year group should be using them. Each hub with designated toilet blocks, hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser stations.
  • OSC will continue to operate at its own off-site hub with the appropriate safe management of the transition of students between OSC and main site hubs.
  • Separate central staff hub with access to reception, first aid, House offices, pastoral support, IN, resources, staffroom, exams, IT, IER, SSC, attendance, meeting rooms


Arrival at College and departure after the first day

  • On arriving at College all students must proceed directly to their designated year group hub area. They should maintain social distancing rules from students not in their year group hub at all times.
  • Staff on duty at the front of College, the Dunheved Road gate and the park gate entrance to College will welcome students and direct them to proceed immediately to their relevant year group hub area. There will be clear signage at each entrance for each year group hub.
  • On arrival in their hub area students must wash or sanitise their hands before entering their tutor room. Duty staff and signage as reminders to students.
  • Only one parent/carer to drop off/pick up students and they must take care to adhere to current social distancing expectations.
  • Parents/carers should not enter the building unless they have a pre-arranged meeting with a member of staff. A clear route to reception, separated from the year group hubs, is clearly signed from the front of College for visitors.
  • Students must wash/sanitise hands and maintain social distancing guidelines from students in other year group hubs as they depart the site at the end of the day.

The College day

  • Students must wear College uniform, bring PE kit, a face mask (more details further down) and their own equipment – personal equipment must not be shared. Please refer to the COVID uniform addendums on the College website.
  • The College day will follow the normal timings of a day at Launceston College. Students will follow their planned timetable with normal break and lunch times.
  • Students in the same year group hub are not required to maintain social distancing from each other in the corridors, inside communal spaces, outside spaces or classrooms, although all possible protective measures will be encouraged whenever appropriate and possible – please see protective measures information below.
  • Student movement around the site will be restricted to within their hub area. Students should not enter the central staff hub without the permission of a member of staff and students must maintain social distancing if in the central staff hub.
  • Staff will move between hubs to teach to allow each year group access to specialist subject teaching.
  • Students are expected to maintain adequate social distancing from staff whenever possible.
  • Where Year 10 and Year 11 subjects have been timetabled in specialist teaching rooms or facilities staff will meet students in their hub area to escort them to the teaching area outside of their designated hub. They should escort them back to the hub area for the end of the lesson. Specialist rooms will be cleaned in between year groups and should not be used by more than one year group on the same day (except PE – please see information below under Curriculum provision, PE lessons).
  • Students will be reminded to wash/sanitise hands on arrival, before and after breaks and before leaving at the end of the day. Facilities will be available in each hub but we would also encourage students to carry their own hand sanitiser as part of their personal equipment for College each day.
  • Students to wash hands before and after using a photocopier.

Packed lunches and canteen

  • Students and staff are advised to bring a packed lunch if possible and a refillable water bottle to help minimise pressure on the canteens.
  • The College canteen’s will be operating a takeaway menu following a rota system, allowing each year group hub access to the canteen at a pre-set time each day.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned between hubs.
  • Students will not be allowed to queue for the canteen if they are not purchasing food.
  • Students will return to their year group hub area to eat food purchased from the canteen
  • Year group hub canteen rota times and menu options for the new term can be found on the College website
  • The College operates a cashless system which is used in the canteens to purchase food.

The parent pay log in can be found on the website

Curriculum provision and teaching spaces

  • We remain committed to providing high quality learning opportunities for all of our students despite the current restrictions. We aim to provide as broad, rich and academically rigorous a curriculum as we can and we understand the need to balance academic and pastoral support to successfully reintegrate students with their learning in College.
  • We aim for everyone’s return to College to be positive and purposeful and want to avoid unnecessary pressure. Heads of Faculty and Heads of Subject have adjusted schemes of learning to take time away from College into account.
  • Marking and feedback will take place in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the task set and the aspect of learning being assessed. Appropriate hygiene procedures will be followed by staff when handling student work.
  • No large assemblies or presentations at present – information will be provided for year group and House assemblies to be viewed in tutor group rooms.
  • Lessons will take place in hub classrooms unless a specialist room has been allocated to a particular year group at KS4/5. Rooms are clearly indicated on student and staff timetables.
  • Desks are arranged facing the front where possible and excess furniture has been removed from teaching spaces.
  • PE lessons – students will be required to follow instructions issued by the PE department. PE staff will meet students in their hub area to escort them to their designated changing area. Changing areas will be cleaned between year groups.
  • Performance academies and extra-curricular opportunities We plan to make these available to students as soon as we can, on a Year group basis while restrictions on mixing remain.
  • Library books remain available to all students through the on-line system for borrowing books, which are then delivered to each Hub. Encouraging reading and developing literacy skills remains a key priority across all curriculum areas.

Protective Measures

  • Students are supported to maintain regular handwashing, good respiratory hygiene and appropriate social distancing while in College.
  • Handwashing and hand sanitiser available in each hub. Staff and students may carry their own hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes to clean their own work spaces.
  • Any resources shared to be cleaned after use with provided anti-bacterial wipes e.g. computers, teachers desks
  • Cleaning staff on site throughout day. Daily cleaning routines during day and at end of day as appropriate.
  • Open windows and doors to increase ventilation and produce air flow where possible. Corridor doors propped open to avoid contact with hands.
  • One-way system clearly signed and operating in corridors and stairwells of hubs wherever possible
  • Mixing between year groups is minimised as students are organised into year groups hubs. Each Hub is taught in a specific area of the College. Where subjects require specialist rooms for teaching, staff collect students from their hub and escort to the teaching room – these rooms are cleaned between year groups.
  • An updated evacuation policy and evacuation routes from each hub area will be shared with staff and students at the start of term. Year groups will evacuate to clearly marked hub assembly points in tennis courts.
  • Face coverings – unless exempt all students should carry a face mask as part of their personal equipment for College. They will be advised how to remove and store them safely. Face masks should be suitable for school. They can be homemade or shop bought but should be plain and inoffensive. Reusable face masks are better for the environment and should be washed daily. Students should wear face masks in corridors and indoor communal areas unless they are exempt for health or disability reasons. Staff are also expected to wear face masks in indoor communal areas and corridors where social distancing is not possible.
  • The latest guidance recommends extending the use of facemasks to include classrooms where social distancing cannot be maintained. Given the size of College classrooms and the numbers of students in each class, recommending that students wear facemasks in classrooms as they return to College from 8 March is an important part of the system of controls laid out by the government to allow everyone to return to College as safely as possible. The current guidance recommends the wearing of face masks in classrooms as a temporary measure which will be reviewed at Easter.
  • Extremely clinically vulnerable staff and students will receive a letter from their GP advising them not to attend College. Staff should show this letter to their line manager and parents/carers should show this letter to their child’s Head of House. The College will work to support staff and students directed to stay at home for medical reasons.

  • First Aid and First Aid Isolation room for students. First aid will be fully staffed and operate as normal. Any student that falls unwell in College and is experiencing COVID like symptom’s will be confined in the First aid isolation room until they can be collected. Please make sure the College has up to date emergency contact details for your child/children. The family must then contact NHS 111 immediately and follow the advice on testing and self-isolating.
  • It is vital that parents update us about any changes to their circumstances, particularly in relation to health and COVID 19. If a child or anyone else at home is unwell – stay at home and ring NHS 111 for testing information. The latest advice can be found here


Attendance expectations are as normal.  Please report any absence information in the normal way to the attendance officer. It is essential that the College is informed immediately of any suspected or confirmed COVID 19 case.

Online learning

  • In the event of any individual self-isolation, partial lockdown of full lockdown we will provide suitable online home learning for students.

Pastoral support and intervention

  • We are aware that certain students will find the return to College challenging after more time away. Our pastoral support team has worked hard to stay in touch with students and families throughout the spring term lockdown and we recognise an increased demand for support. We will continue to structure helpful interventions to support student engagement with their learning and we will continue to offer support to families wherever appropriate.
  • We welcomed the return of students to College and will continue to support them in any way we can. Our behaviour expectations remain high so that everyone can focus on their learning. Everyone is expected to follow this guidance sensibly and to behave at all times in a manner that ensures everyone can participate fully in learning.