Maths at Key Stage 4
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Moving to the new 9-1 grading system can be confusing; in Maths we use Pearson/Edexcel as our exam board.  For more information from the exam board about the new grades see the video below.

Our Key Stage 4 maths scheme of learning follows the  Edexcel GCSE (9-1) mathematics course which is an inherent progression  from Key Stage 3. The scheme of learning is built around a unique pedagogy that’s been created by leading mathematics educational researchers and Key Stage 3 teachers. The scheme of learning uses a mastery approach which allows students to reach their full potential.    The innovative learning structure is designed to nurture confidence and raises achievement by challenging students who master the topic and offering extra support for those who need it.

To access the scheme of learning in further detail click on the appropriate book.  To see the chapter breakdown click on the + sign on the left of the grid

GCSE (9-1) Foundation GCSE (9-1) Foundation
Unit 1 Number Unit 16 Quadratic equations and graphs
Unit 2 Algebra Unit 17 Perimeter, area and volume 2
Unit 3 Graphs, tables and charts Unit 18 Fractions, indices and standard form
Unit 4 Fractions and percentages Unit 19 Congruence, similarity and vectors
Unit 5 Equations, inequalities and sequences Unit 20 More algebra
Unit 6 Angles
Unit 7 Averages and range
Unit 8 Perimeter, area and volume 1
Unit 9 Graphs
Unit 10 Transformations
Unit 11 Ratio and proportion
Unit 12 Right-angled triangles
Unit 13 Probability
Unit 14 Multiplicative reasoning
Unit 15 Constructions, loci and bearings

To access the scheme of learning in further detail click on the appropriate book.  To see the chapter breakdown click on the + sign on the left of the grid.

GCSE (9-1) Higher GCSE (9-1) Higher
Unit 1 Number Unit 16 Circle theorems
Unit 2 Algebra Unit 17 More algebra
Unit 3 Interpreting and representing data Unit 18 Vectors and geometric proof
Unit 4 Fractions, ratio and proportion Unit 19 Proportion and graphs
Unit 5 Angles and trigonometry
Unit 6 Graphs
Unit 7 Area and volume
Unit 8 Transformation and constructions
Unit 9 Equations and inequalities
Unit 10 Probability
Unit 11 Multiplicative reasoning
Unit 12 Similarly and congruence
Unit 13 More trigonometry
Unit 14 Further statistics
Unit 15 Equations and graphs

Our scheme of learning follows a 12 step process converting each step to the current GCSE grades 1 to 9. You will find the steps within each unit in the detailed scheme of learning above.

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