Maths at Key Stage 3
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Our Launceston College Key Stage 3 scheme of learning follows the structure of  White Rose Maths. Influenced, inspired and informed by robust, world-class research and work of leading maths practitioners across the world, the White Rose Maths scheme of learning supports development of an ethos of deep understanding, resilience and competence in mathematics. The White Rose Maths principles encourage secure understanding, real progress and a life-long passion for mathematics.

The faculty of mathematics follows White Rose Maths philosophy:

In classrooms, we actively promote a positive learning environment with high levels of students’ engagement, multifaceted mathematical discussions and peer support. Our maths lessons often start with thought-provoking and attention-grabbing tasks which are accessible to all. Students are encouraged to use manipulatives and multiple representations to support exploration of new mathematical concepts and to refine their mathematical thinking. There is also a great emphasis placed on intelligent practice giving students time to consolidate their learning and on making connections between different areas of mathematics.

The White Rose Maths scheme of learning is formed of two closely related overlapping strands which are carefully designed to maximise progression for students with different prior attainment.

The Foundation Strand – by the end of Year 11, the Foundation strand will cover all of the content of the Foundation GCSE, allowing students to attain a grade 5.

The Higher Strand – by the end of Year 11, all of the Higher GCSE content is covered, allowing access for students all the way to a grade 9.

These two strands allow a great deal of flexibility, both in terms of providing suitable challenge for higher attaining students and also allocating adequate time for consolidation and revisiting of topics for those students who might not yet attain as high as their peers.

We strongly believe that all our students can achieve in mathematics and are able to access either all or the vast majority of mathematical topics. Launceston College mathematics teachers will make professional judgements in choosing how far to cover content of each topic with their classes of learners. Although the faculty have chosen to follow the White Rose Scheme which provides a structure for the learning journey, lessons will be planned tailored for the individuals that we have at our College.

Assessments are an integral part of the process of building a culture of deeper understanding, confidence and competence in maths. These assessments include end of each block assessments and end of term assessments.

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Year 7 Scheme of Learning

Year 8 Scheme of Learning

Year 9 Scheme of Learning

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