Jubilee Challenge 2019 final practice camp

The four students participating in this year’s Challenge (Emily 11ACS, Sam 11ITA, Dylan 9KAL, Nicole 10EP) have their final overnight practice camp at the weekend.

With just 2 weeks to go they will have 3 short walks to complete, two on the edge of the moor, ‘hand railing’ hedge rows, including one at night walk using head torches and one early morning walk (6am), using the old railway line. If all goes to plan we may be able to meet up with our Ten Tors teams at their camp just to say hi, as they are also out this w/e making final preparations. Jubilee students will then have one week’s rest before leaving school on Friday 10th May to participate in the 2019 Challenge.  A reminder that Emily and Sam will be doing JC route 2 of 9½ miles and Nicole and Dylan JC Route 1 of 8 ½ miles.

Wish them luck when you see them.