Jubilee Challenge 2019 Expedition 3 update

Students Emily, Dylan, Sam and Nicole were on Dartmoor again, this time for their expedition 3, walking from Postbridge Visitors Centre towards Bellever tor, having successfully completed expedition 2 at Barn Hill and Pew Tor two weeks ago.

Once again accompanied by Mrs Guest, Ms Owen and Ms Unwin they braved windy, cold and wintry showers, conditions and walked along side Bellever plantation to Bellever YH. Although shut this time of year the buildings did afford some shelter from the icy blasts so we could take on board water and a snack. We also practised helping each other to put someone in a survival bag in an emergency. This was followed by a short but steep climb up through a wet and rock strewn gulley, to the trail at the top. This represented a major achievement for both Dylan, who is sight impaired and Nicole. What is more, having had lunch in the company of some four legged friends , they had to return downhill via the same route. Emily sustained a make believe injury and made it down with one arm in a sling, which of course changes your balance completely. Well done Em.

On the way back we met Rhianne, a pure bred black Shetland pony.

Throughout the walk students took turns leading the group, followed good countryside practice and kept each other safe.