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International Festival

This year the MFL faculty celebrated its first international festival on Wednesday 27th September. The aim of this festival was to celebrate languages and cultures from other countries as well as raise awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone. We were overwhelmed by the number of students who decided to compete in this festival. The remarkable quality of the projects and performances together with the enthusiasm of the students made it an incredibly successful day and echoed the passion we, as teachers, have for languages. We were heartened and inspired by what we saw, ate and heard! We are very proud of all the students who took part in the festival and would like to thank and congratulate them for their accomplished performances in their chosen events. The quality of this year’s projects and performances set the bar very high: from the amazing Taj Mahal made of PVA glue to the impressive singing in Italian, French, German, Romanian and delicious foreign dishes, we were really spoilt for choice. A hard act to follow but the MFL faculty is ready to be dazzled again by next year’s contestants!