House Competitions

Each year the College runs a variety of competitions for students to take part in.  Students take part as either individuals or as part of a team but either way, they are representing their house.  Each competition result sees a house placed 1-4 and will see a win for either Causley, Hepworth, Rescorla or Trevithick.

Students get house points for taking part in activities but every students in the house gets points for where they came, regardless of whether they took part or not.  Each student in the winning house gets 4 points so it could be worth up to 1200 points for the winning house.  Points are allocated via Class Charts so all students and parents get to see who won.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Trevithick Quiz Win – 3rd Jan

Last week saw five teams of students taking part in Rescorla’s House competition – a University Challenge style quiz which got all those involved were animated and determined to win.

In the end, Trevithick walked away as the champions with a huge defeat over the other three Houses.  Well done, Trevithick!

Christmas Card Competition – 8th Nov

Congratulations to Xavier Martin-Williams of Trevithick who has won this year’s Christmas card competition, with the stunning design pictured.

Poetry by Heart – Nov

On Wednesday 24th November, we held the Poetry by Heart in-house competition where we bore witness to beautiful, confident and eloquent perfomances from across the school.

There were several contestants for Key Stage 3 reciting not only the famous words of Shakespeare, but also poetry penned by some very talented students of Year 7 themselves! The winner of Key Stage 3 was Rosie Cooksey 9DSC with Russian Doll by Rachel Rooney. There were two students that celebrated second place; Izzy Jewell 7SMZ and Josie Hosking 9SGB and in third place Ed Hardy 9DCO.

In KS4, we had two beautiful and passionate performances.  The winner Jasmine Wadland 10PJM recited a stunning performance of ‘When We Two Parted’ by Lord Byron.  Adam Hazucha also performed a truly authentic and passionate performance of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling taking second place.

Runners up included Jersey Harding 8LDD, Emeline Roden 8BJK, Sienna Garland 7SMZ, Tilly Paynter 7RB and Georgia Connell 7RB.

Thank you to all those that participated.

For any students interesting in trialling for the National Poetry By Heart competition, please ask teachers in the English department for more information.