Hepworth News

Hepworth News

A round up of the latest news from Hepworth House, written by the Hepworth journalists.

7SBL’s Inspirational Assembly

This half term, Hepworth got to experience a thought-provocative assembly done by the courageous tutor group of SBL. This assembly was to encourage better behaviour within the Hepworth House. With the slogan of ‘Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant,’ the Yr7 students were able to project their view on how ‘the harder you work, the more you are likely to achieve’. Nominated for her constant hard work and said to be a ‘symbol’ of their assembly, is Lauren Britton.

Danny Cricketer Warne

Departing the UK on the 31st of March, Danny flew to Barbados and Trinidad for an unforgettable cricket experience. In total he played eight games, four of which his team won, as part as the Under 15s Cornwall Cricket Association. This shows that you should never turn down an opportunity, no matter how scary it may seem.

New House Captains

Huge congratulations are in order to Jessica Daw and Tom Sharman our new house captains, both from 10PLO! Already they have shown an interest in house affairs and have already begun discussing future plans for Hepworth. Unfortunately, as we wave a hello to these wonderful new students, we have to wave goodbye at the end of the summer term to the Deputy Head of House, Mr O’Donoghue. But, we must congratulate him with his new position as Head of House of Rescorla, (yet again, Mr. O’Donoghue makes another appearance in our news).

Little Bits of News

  • In Hockey, Hepworth came joint first with all other houses, so well done to all participants.
  • Also, as Jess becomes House Captain, a vacancy, or two, has become available for Hepworth Journalist. Chelsea and Jess will provide support and guidance throughout, if required. Therefore, if you are interested, keep an ear out for any updates about this position in the upcoming weeks, as well as other House Leader opportunities.
  • A-Level Creative Writing for Yr10 students – All students have worked really hard, attending after school sessions to complete coursework to a really high standard.  Many have managed this whilst balancing Duke of Edinburgh commitments and other such demands on their time.  Fingers crossed for the exam on Thursday!  They deserve a well done if you see them in the corridor:
  • Shannon Bryant
  • Issy Paul
  • Bronte Spargo
  • Aggy Wojtas
  • Callum Hudson
  • Vicky Smith
  • Sam Hatch
  • Jessica Daw
  • Maya Duncan-Adams
  • Beth Jeffery
  • Emma Platt
  • Lizzie Tennant (Y12)

Riddle of the Month

Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

5 praise points to the first person who emails 10PLO8113 with the CORRECT answer!

Jess’s Inspirational Quote of the Month

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”