Hair & Beauty Revision
Course: Hair and Beauty

Students at Launceston College study the City and Guilds Hair and Beauty specifications . This can be found here: for Level 1 certificate- year 10 for level 2 Award – Year 11


Students in Year 11 will sit two exams

001 Level 2 Hair and Beauty Studies – Synoptic assignment under exam conditions

002/502 Level 2 Hair and Beauty Studies – Theory exam

Revision resources:

Reading list

Fashions in Hair. The first five thousand years Corson, R Published: Peter Owens, 2005 ISBN: 978-072061-0932 Manual of ladies hairdressing for students Mallemout, A Published: Bramcost, 2008 ISBN: 978-1934268-698 Westmore beauty book Westmore, B Published: Bramcost, 2009 ISBN: 978-1936049-318 The History of Hair: Fashion and Fantasy down the Ages Bryer, R Published: Philip Wilson, 2000 ISBN: 978-0856675065 Encyclopaedia of Hair: A Cultural History Sherrow, V Published: Greenwood Press, 2006 ISBN: 978-0313331459Level 2 VRQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy Beckmann, H & Rawlings, K Published by: City and Guilds, 2012 ISBN-10: 0851932045 ISBN-13: 978-0851932040 The Science of Beauty Therapy (3rd Edition) Bennett, R Published by: Hodder Arnold, 2004 ISBN-10: 0340814667 ISBN-13: 978-0340814666 The Science of Hair Care (2nd Edition) Bouillon, C & Wilkinson, J Published by: CRC Press, Baca Raton, 2005 ASIN: B013RQ4WW0 Level 2 VRQ Diploma in Hairdressing Titmus, K. Published by: City and Guilds, 2012 ISBN-10: 085193207X ISBN-13: 978-0851932071 Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary Varinia Michalun, M & DiNardo, J Published by: Delmar Cengage Learning, 2014 ISBN-10: 1285060792 ISBN-13: 978-1285060798.

Websites: Habia

Beauty Guild

Beauty Web

Marie Claire UK Hairdressers

You Beauty


RSPCA /adviceandwelfare /laboratory/testingchemicals/cosmetics Legislation /uploads/ system/uploads/attachment_data/file/ 39334/10-761-guide-to-cpsr.pdf Science Net Links

How to use this resource: Students are able to borrow any books for further research This can be used to create mind maps or quizzes. This can then be used to check subject knowledge and understanding.

Past papers are also provided to help with checking understanding.

Key knowledge handbooks

How to use this resource: This resource is useful for testing the core knowledge, including key terminology for all the units. Students can be quizzed by a peer or an adult at home. The answers are also included. This is particularly important as students will need to understand the language used in the questions and the examiner will be looking for key terminology to be used accurately in the answer.

Exam questions A3 sheets

How to use this resource: This resource is focused on key exam questions for each unit. Students can use this to mind map subject knowledge and to have a go at answering exam questions. This helps to check understanding and application of the subject knowledge. Students can then receive feedback from their teachers. This is particularly useful for revising subject knowledge and checking understanding. As well as applying the knowledge to specific questions.

Past exam question

How to use this resource: This resource contains all the past exam questions. Students can practice and answer these questions. Teachers can read these and provide feedback. This is particularly useful to check understanding and application of subject knowledge.