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GintoCHEM event at Plymouth University

Thirty students attended a chemistry day for girls at Plymouth University on Friday 14th June 2019. It was to get students excited and inspired by chemistry and to give them more information about what a chemistry degree could lead to in the future. We heard stories from several chemists about their routes through education into chemistry based jobs such as carrying out research in the Antarctic or sampling outflows whilst working for Greenpeace.

Keara gave us a student account of the day:

When we arrived on the Friday we were introduced to a staff member who took us to a lecture room near the entrance of the building, where two female chemists spoke to us and gave us an introduction about what chemistry is all about and the opportunities they’ve received for being involved with Plymouth University. It was very fun to listen and learn about the subject.

Throughout the day we were to be taking part in 3 different activities; all linked to solving a murder mystery. These consisted of soil sampling, clothing dye testing and finger swab sampling. Each activity used different skills in which we developed as the day went on. As a group I think we were all intrigued to see how different chemicals reacted and worked during the activities.

Although these were extremely interesting we had to focus on finding out who the murderer was so we received a booklet in which we would write down our results which then lead us to having a rough idea of who the criminal may be.

As a group it was good to get to know and work with people we may not have known so I think this was a fantastic opportunity in lots of aspects.

I’m sure all the girls would agree this was a fab day and would like to thank both Miss Bateman and Plymouth University for proving such an experience for us!