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Geology Matters

On Friday 27th February 8S/S1 brought in homework with a twist. They have been studying the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and their challenge was to bring in something edible to model one of those rock types. They then explained how the model represented the rock, with why it was a useful model, and any limitation it had, or improvements it could make.

8S/S1 are pictured here with their work explaining about their model, and holding their model up.

Sedimentary rock featured heavily with examples in the shape of biscuits, cup-cakes and a stack of multi-coloured pancakes to represent the Punakaiki rocks in New Zealand.

Emily and Owen made cakes for everyone to share which showed a huge commitment and enthusiasm. Emily’s cake was based around a volcano, displaying red magma at the core, and spewing out the top. She had also crafted layers of sedimentary rock in different sponges and buttercream filling, which were metamorphosed close to the magma. It took her 4 hours to make at home with her Mum, and it was well received by all, who enjoyed its scientific and culinary delights.

Owen made a cake which was once sedimentary layers of sponge, but heat or pressure had caused it to metamorphose into a new type of rock, showing folding of the layers (like in the diagram).

Lots of people brought in chocolate bars such as a Double Decker, showing some conglomerate and limestone rock, and Malteasers and Wispas representing pumice. There was a jam sandwich representing different sedimentary layers and chocolate chips representing fossils.

Overall, students were able to compare and contrast their ideas, whilst enjoying their rocks as edible items. Next on the topic for them if the formation of fossils.