Important Notices

Friday Briefing – 27 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Launceston College awards 2020

This Thursday 26 November should have been the College’s annual award’s ceremony. We do not want to miss the opportunity to recognise the talent and achievements of our students so the awards are going ahead in a slightly different format this year. There are two awards for each Faculty as well as a Principal’s and a Governor’s award. There are 4 nominees for each award and each nomination is something to be proud of in terms of personal achievement and individual recognition by staff. All nominees will be notified before the end of term and a letter of congratulations will go home to the parents/carers of each nominee. Each nominee will meet the Principal before end of term, winners will be announced and the trophy presented. We will take photographs to create a nominees and winners gallery on the website and each nominee will be presented with an individual certificate and a personal copy of the awards booklet to mark their nomination. We hope to be able to share all of this good news with you before the end of term.

Student Data

If you haven’t already registered and reviewed the data we hold including vital Emergency Contact Information please download the SIMS Parent App and have a look. If you need a new invitation email sent for registration contact Ms Oldrini on

Year 7 House assemblies have taken place this week, allowing Year 7 students to connect directly with their Head of House and to hear key messages about learning expectations and the support available for students. The assemblies have also provided a welcome opportunity to share good news stories and to praise the good work the students have been doing.

This week has also seen the launch of the football and netball performance academies for each year group and we are currently working on plans to reintroduce some our adventure learning provision in a COVID safe way before the end of term.

Year 11 applications to the Sixth Form have been coming in rapidly and the Sixth Form team have been working hard to organise as many appointments as they can before the end of term. It has been a joy to see Year 11 engaging so positively with their future choices and aspirations.

In Year 13 our Aspire students are also are reaping the rewards from all their hard work over the last 12 months with interviews secured for Medical School and Oxbridge places, alongside offers to study Law, Neuroscience, Architecture, Biochemistry and Geography amongst others. It is really reassuring to see our young people focussing positively on their future goals. Don’t forget to book your appointments to speak to staff at next Thursday’s Sixth Form parent teacher meeting if you have a son or daughter in Year 12 or Year 13.

Thank you to all parents who have responded so understandingly and supportively to events in College this week. As always, your feedback is welcomed and valued and I have appreciated the kind words of thanks received this week to acknowledge how hard staff are working on behalf of students and their families.

Best wishes

Jenn Burn