Important Notices

Friday Briefing – 11 December 2020

Dear parents and carers

Thank you for all of the support you have given the College this term and for all of the encouragement and support you continue to give your children to engage with the opportunities available to them. As we approach the last week of term please see the letter emailed to parents/carers today about the arrangements for the last day of term, Friday 18 December. You may be aware of the governments recently published suggestion to move our inset day from Monday 4 January 2021 to Friday 18 December 2020, however, as we have planned our end of term arrangements in advance, unless there is a significant change to our local circumstances or to national guidance in the next 7 days then our plan to end term at 1.30pm on Friday 18 December will remain in place.

Launceston College Awards 2020
All nominees have been notified by letter this week and will meet with the Principal next week to receive a very well deserved congratulations message in person. We will take photographs to create a nominees and winners gallery on the website and each nominee will be presented with an individual certificate and a personal copy of the awards booklet to mark their achievement. Very many congratulations to all the Awards nominees for 2020.

Parent Teacher Meetings
Thank you to all parents of Year 7, Year 11 and Sixth Form students that have engaged with our online Parent Teacher Meetings this term. We are delighted with all the positive feedback we have had about the new system and are looking forward to rolling it out to the other year groups which are 8, 9 and 10 later on this academic year.

Free School Meals
We are pleased to confirm that the those who are in receipt of Free School Meals will soon start to receive their vouchers for the Christmas holiday period. Please could parents/carers look out for an email from WONDE/SCHOOL VOUCHERS.COM which will be sent from Monday onwards. It may be advisable to also check your ‘junk’ folders. We have been instructed to advise you that these vouchers are intended for the sole purchase of food and drink as a substitute for free school meals; they are not to be used to purchase of age-restricted products e.g. alcohol.

Progress Updates
Progress reports for all students have been sent home this week via email and again, it may be advisable to check your ‘junk’ folders if you haven’t received them.

Online Maths Enrichment Event
On Thursday 10th of December the Maths Faculty hosted an online enrichment event for selected Year 10 classes. This event was designed to engage Year 10 students while developing an area of GCSE mathematics beyond the curriculum. Any mathematics used in the session will be based on that expected at higher tier GCSE and it is aimed at those Year 10 students who would benefit from studying level 3 mathematics after their GCSE. The enrichment event ‘How much is too much?’ focused on our students’ knowledge of probability, along with their reasoning, problem solving and communication skills, to work out the best strategies for different types of games. The session developed and deepened their understanding of these skills, which are vital for success at GCSE. It also provided a context for their classwork. The event was streamed as a live webinar into a classroom where the session was facilitated by class teachers with plenty of opportunities for interaction during the session.

Ten Tors
We are delighted to be able to start training again for the Ten Tors in a COVID safe way. The initial training has taken place in College with the first Dartmoor walk happening this weekend for Year 10 students. We hope the weather is kind and wish them all good luck.

Please could parents/carers ensure students attend College with their masks as this is now part of the uniform while COVID restrictions remain. It may be useful for students to have a spare in their bag as they do get mislaid or break.

COVID reporting, if required, after the end of term
Should any student that has been in College on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 December develop COVID symptoms on Saturday 19 or Sunday 20 December, and then receive a positive test result, please email

On behalf of everyone at College I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all of your support this term and to wish you and your family a restful and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to College after the Christmas break when the new term starts on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Yours sincerely

Jenn Burn