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French Exchange Trip

During Immersive Learning week in March, the MFL department organised a trip to Guipavas in Brittany, France, involving ten Year 9 students and 3 Year 12 students. All of the students stayed with host families, and so were able to immerse themselves in a different way of life for a week. Whilst there, the students experienced a variety of new things such as rambling around the ramparts in the historic walled town of Concarneau, where they also stopped to buy some Breton fast –food in the form of crêpes! One afternoon was spent at the local sports centre where they played 5-a-side football, Bubblebump football and laser. This was great fun and a wonderful opportunity for some bonding with their exchange partner.  Later on in the week the students visited the aquarium in Brest where they met some interesting creatures from the deep blue and also some very amusing seals!  Here are just a few things that our students had to say about their time in France:

‘The French exchange was great fun! My favourite part was when all of my partner’s friends and mine went and played Laser Tag. In all the whole experience was magnificent and amazing. The most beautiful place we went to was called Concarneau, it was a walled town and it was so beautiful. I was flabbergasted. If we could go back and do it all again I would, in a heart-beat. I can’t wait for our partners to come back’.

‘The French Exchange was very good as you get new friends for a lifetime. You also have a great time with friends you know and you will improve your French by doing this trip. You won’t just be going to school, you will go to cities for shopping and do other fun stuff; go on a cable car, play football and lots of sports. You will have a good bond with the teachers after this trip if you didn’t before’.

‘It was fun. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do it or wanting to go out of your comfort zone. The food was great!’

‘It was by far the best trip! We did something every day and I got to spend a week abroad with my friends. I would say that the best part was probably doing the crêpe making and the treasure hunt. I would go back there in an instant.’

We will be welcoming the French students at the end of June and hope to create some more fantastic memories!