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Early closure Thursday 31 January 1pm

Heavy snow forecast for Launceston for 2pm-4pm means buses will leave College at 1pm. All students without transport or parental confirmation will be kept at school until safe return assured, up to and beyond 3.15pm if necessary. All after College clubs and events are cancelled tonight. Contact via student mobile phone, or friend’s phone, will be made during tutor time from 12.30pm. Please check College website latest news for updates.

Early Closure Procedures 

In the event of weather that requires Launceston College to close the following procedures apply:

  1. Before College any announcement of school closure will be communicated via the College website latest news , our texting home facility and through the local radio media including Radio Cornwall, Pirate FM and Heart.
  2. If during the day the need for closure arises we will inform you through both text and the College website latest news. Where we have received parental confirmation that your child should either walk home, walk to a friends or wait in College this will be followed. Where we have yet to receive confirmation we will keep students in College until contact has been made with home to establish what action is to be taken.