A-level Modern Foreign Languages

By studying an A-Level in MFL you will gain:

  • A lasting appreciation of language and learning
  • An ability to comprehend French/Spanish in a wide range of contexts
  • An understanding of themes relating to the society and culture of the country or countries where French/Spanish is spoken, and their language skills; you will do this by using authentic spoken and written sources in French/ Spanish. 
  • An insight into how French/Spanish-speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally, and how it continues to change. Students study aspects of the social context together with aspects of the artistic life of French/Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Valuable skills for foreign travel, further education and employment.

Our resources:

  • Our Schemes of Learning are based on the AQA course and Kerboodle resources. 
  • You will be taught by native speakers.
  • Each week, you will have a one to one 30 min speaking practice with a specialist.
  • You are invited to make the most of our growing collection of foreign DVDs and literary texts.

­Special learning opportunities:

  • We encourage our students to attend events held at local universities
  • In Year 12 you are invited to join the Year 9 students on the trip to France or Spain
  • We will aim to organise opportunities for work experience abroad, like a mini-assistant scheme in primary schools in France or Spain.
Curriculum Overviews
Key Stage 5 Links

www.kerboodle.com – online learning portal to support AQA A-level

www.euronews.com – news articles in English, French and Spanish

www.linguee.com – online dictionary with examples in context

www.wordreference.com – online dictionary with language learning forums


Spanish Specific:

www.elpais.es – Spanish newspaper online

www.elmundo.com – Spanish newspaper online

www.bbcmundo.com – BBC news in Spanish

www.spaleon.com – verb conjugation practice

www.espanol-extra.co.uk – grammar practice and topic based resources


French Specific:

www.lemonde.fr  French newspaper online

http://mfl.jimdo.com/resources/french-as-level/ – MFL Online

www.bbc.co.uk/afrique – BBC news in French

www.france24.com – French news online