A-level Modern Foreign Languages

By studying an A-Level in MFL you will gain:

  • Lasting appreciation of language and learning
  • Ability to comprehend French/Spanish in a wide range of contexts
  • Ability to communicate readily for a variety of purposes
  • Useful knowledge of and insights into French or Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures, looking at both contemporary and historical topics.
  • Valuable skills for foreign travel, further education and employment.

Our resources:

Our Schemes of Learning are based on the AQA textbooks. You have individualised access to the AQA Kerboodle online study pack for independent work and homework. You are invited to make the most of our growing collection of DVDs and literary texts. Each week, you can enjoy one to one speaking practice with our foreign language assistants.

Subject contents:

AS Topics:

  • Media (TV, internet, advertisement)
  • Popular Culture (cinema, music, fashion)
  • Relationships (family, friends, partners)

A2 Topics:

  • Environment (pollution, energy, protecting the planet)
  • Multicultural society (immigration, integration, racism)
  • Health and Lifestyles (sport, holidays)
  • Modern social issues (poverty, crime and punishment)
  • Plus 2 Cultural Topics

At A2 level you will explore two cultural topics, which might be a piece of literature, the work of a film director/architect/painter, the study of a region/country or a 20th century historical period.

­Special learning opportunities:

  • We encourage our students to attend events held at local universities
  • Students who do French have the opportunity to complete a two week work experience period as language assistants in Breton primary schools
  • Students who do Spanish are invited to join our annual visit to Santander in Northern Spain.

Assessments and examinations:

At the end of year, you will complete a listening, reading and writing final exam, which will test your general knowledge of the topics studied and your linguistic skills. You will be in control of the listening material for which a CD or MP3 player will be provided. You will also have a speaking examination conducted internally by one of your language teachers, which will allow you to show off your spoken fluency and accuracy; first, by responding to a stimulus card and then by carrying out a discussion on the remaining themes.

Key Stage 5 Links

www.kerboodle.com – online learning portal to support AQA A-level

www.euronews.com – news articles in English, French and Spanish

www.linguee.com – online dictionary with examples in context

www.wordreference.com – online dictionary with language learning forums


Spanish Specific:

www.elpais.es – Spanish newspaper online

www.elmundo.com – Spanish newspaper online

www.bbcmundo.com – BBC news in Spanish

www.spaleon.com – verb conjugation practice

www.espanol-extra.co.uk – grammar practice and topic based resources


French Specific:

www.lemonde.fr  French newspaper online

http://mfl.jimdo.com/resources/french-as-level/ – MFL Online

www.bbc.co.uk/afrique – BBC news in French

www.france24.com – French news online