Welcome to the Humanities Faculty

The Humanities Faculty covers a wide range of topics dealing with the human condition. Each department covers a distinct discipline and retains a very clear identity, but the schemes of work are designed to create overlapping themes so that each student enjoys a holistic experience through their studies at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 3
In Year 7 students study; BCE (Beliefs, Citizenship and Ethics), Geography and History.

In Year 8 BCE becomes two separate topics; Citizenship and RS (Religious Studies) while students continue to study Geography and History.

Year 9 is the same as Year 8 but students begin their three year RS GCSE. In the spring term option choices are made for Year 10.

Key Stage 4
Year 10 and 11 sees the continuing study of RS alongside either Geography or History GCSE. Students can opt to do both subjects and can also opt to study GCSE Citizenship.

Key Stage 5
The Humanities Faculty is very proud of the scope of the eight subjects that are covered by a small but dedicated and very experienced sixth-form teaching team.

At AS level students can opt for one or more of the following; Citizenship, COPE or Extended Project, Geography, Government and Politics, History,  Philosophy, RS. The option of continuing to study any topic into A2 is guaranteed by the College.