BTEC Sport 2016/17

The course you are taking is called the Level 2 BTEC First Award in Sport.  You get 5 lessons a fortnight.

Over Key Stage 4 you will take 4 units.  These are:

Unit 1                    Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Unit 2                    Practical Sports Performance

Unit 4                    The Sports Performer in Action

Unit 6                    Leading Sports Activities


There are five different grades you can get at the end of Year 11.  These are:

Distinction* (Worth 1 A* grade at GCSE level)

Distinction  (1 A grade)

Merit  (1 B grade)

Pass  (1 C grade)

Fail (No grade)

Each unit has criteria that make up a pass, merit and distinction.

  • To get a pass you must achieve all the pass criteria.
  • To get a merit you must achieve all the pass and merit criteria.
  • To get a distinction you must achieve all the pass, merit and distinction criteria.

Therefore if you achieve all merit and distinction criteria but miss just one of the pass criteria you will get a FAIL for that module as you have not reached a pass.

You have one exam for Unit 1 and the rest of the qualification is all coursework.  You will know your grade before you leave Year 11 and you can keep track of it as you go throughout the course via your own tracking sheet and your teacher’s matrix (you will learn more about these as the course goes on).

There will be 20 – 25 pieces of coursework throughout Year 10 and 11.

As you are now Key Stage 4 PE pupils there is a certain expectation on you regarding your behaviour and effort in PE lessons as you could now have nine a fortnight.  Other pupils and staff will look at you as an example.  Any misbehaviour or lack of effort in any PE lesson will be strictly dealt with.

You are expected to have correct kit for all BTEC practical and core PE lessons.

As a BTEC Sport student you are automatically entered for the Level 1 Sports Leaders award.  This is an external qualification which will you will finish by the end of year 11.

As such you will be expected to help out at primary festivals and tournaments throughout the year as well as at other events such as the North Cornwall games and Sports Days.  As a sports leader you will be allowed to purchase a blue sports leaders shirt.  These are only available to sports leaders and can be worn and in PE lessons.  These are a privilege and any misbehaviour or failure to complete the course will mean that this privilege is removed.

You will do many assignments over the course.  The assignment brief tells you what you need to do, when you need to do it by and which criteria you can achieve in this assignment.

Every piece of work you hand in will need a signed relevant submission sheet on the front and be submitted on time (this will usually be in a lesson).  You cannot submit any work outside of lesson time and work submitted to staff by email will not be accepted.

Once your work is retuned to you it will be accompanied by a feedback sheet.  This tells you which criteria you have achieved and what you need to do to upgrade it, if anything.

This must be resubmitted along with the submission sheet if you are upgrading.

Make sure these rules are noted otherwise your work may not be accepted.

You will have a period of time at the end of Years 10 & 11 where you have the opportunity to redo any work you wish and hand it in for marking.  This will be a time of great independence for you so keeping on top of your work over the two years is very important.  The more you do throughout, the less you have to do at the end.

Once your work is completed it must be filed in your folder along with the assignment brief and feedback sheet.  You can then tick off the relevant part of your tracking sheet and your teacher will update the matrix.

The matrix will stay with your teacher but you can ask to see it in any lesson.

Finally, in BTEC Sport there is a great focus on independent work.  Organising folders, doing the work and submitting it correctly and on time is the responsibility of yourself and no one else.  The more focused and organised pupils tend to do better so make sure this is you from the start of the course.  Do this, follow the rules and the advice your given and you will get a good grade at the end of year 11.

Any questions please ask your teacher.