Key Stage 4 PE

KS4 (Core)

Our key stage 4 core curriculum is designed to bespoke and allow each individual student find an aspect of exercise and health that is important to them, which they can enjoy. By demonstrating a sound knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and safety to lead and promote healthy lifestyles for their future. Depending upon the needs of each class, this will be taught differently. The range of physical performance, special needs and mental health varies dramatically in our communities and it is vital for the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all our students to get this right. KS4 students are under mental pressure to perform and our curriculum provides stress relief through exercise, activity and health.

We also develop pupil leadership and co-operation amongst peers, being responsible for their own and others learning. This again will be demonstrated through a range of possibilities; but examples include students leading warmups, skills and problem solving independently or in groups.

KS4 (exam)

Our key stage 4 exam curriculum is designed to allow students who have a keen interest in sport and health to further develop skills for a potential future career in sport, exercise and health. This course gives students a fantastic foundation in understanding how the human body adapts to sport, exercise and training and enables students to build ad challenge their leadership skills.

The course is comprised of 4 units:

Unit 1               Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Unit 2               Practical Sports Performance

Unit 3               Applying the Principles of Personal training

Unit 6               Leading Sports Activities

Students will get the opportunity to explore the essential fitness requirements and training methods used to achieve successful sports performance. They will also develop and improve their own practical sports performance.

Students will train to improve and enhance personal fitness for one activity/sport of their choice. They will also be introduced to sports leadership, enabling them to start on the ladder of leadership and coaching, through delivering components of sports sessions and whole activity sessions.

The BTEC Sport is 75% coursework. Students complete 4 modules, of which one is exam based. The other units are assessed via coursework. Students will complete approximately 10 pieces of coursework throughout Years 10 and 11.

Coursework is assessed in a variety of ways that include written assignments, practical performance, video evidence, presentations and leading sports events.

At the end of the course students with get either a pass, merit or distinction grade, which are equivalent to GCSE level grades.

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