PE at Key Stage 3

Within lessons at KS3 students develop a range of core personal skills and attributes that are not only integral to being successful in a sporting environment, but also enable students to contribute effectively to the wider College community and society.

Our four core personal development strands are Responsibility, Resilience, Creativity, and Health. Students develop skills, knowledge and understanding in each of these strands across each half term and reflect on these throughout the year.

At Key Stage 3 we provide the opportunity for students to explores a wide range of sporting activities which build in skill complexity, and are implemented into ‘live’ situations through Year 7-9. Our schemes are varied and provide a wide experience for individual and team sports, as well as, individual expression through dance and gymnastics. They are also tailored to suit the abilities and confidence of our students and challenge accordingly.

Students also have the opportunity to attend after school clubs and teams and complete with other schools in East Cornwall and the County. Not only does this challenge and extend skills developed in lessons but also develops self-confidence, social skills, commitment and promotes fair play and respect for others.

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