Physical Education

PE prepares students for their future, develops the characteristics and personal qualities to succeed in a competitive society and is designed to form the foundation of an active and healthy lifestyle.

More important than any other aspect is the development of physical, social and mental well-being, and the wider benefits of personal development through PE including teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, communication, self-reflection, having fun.

Within core PE and our extra-curricular programme, we look to create driven students with a desire to succeed; resilient, determined with a strong work ethic. Our aim is to provide students with a multitude of learning opportunities through a wide range of physical activities to develop themselves as, citizens, sportspeople and learners.

Our central goal is to prepare students for their future; in PE we summarise this through four personal development strands to students and the outcomes we want them to achieve, these are: Responsibility, Resilience, Creativity, and Health.

Head of Department: Mrs L Rose – LJR

Head of Expressive Arts: Mrs L Rose – LJR

Primary Link Teacher: Miss D Hart – DJH

Other Teachers of PE:   Mr P Daymond – PKD, Mrs L Trudgeon – LKT,  Mr S Rush – SR, Miss D Hart – DJH, Mr T Lyle – TL, Mr R Richardson RR, Miss E Barnes EB

In Key Stage 3 pupils get 2 hours of PE a week.  In Key Stage 4 pupils get 1 hour a week.

PE Kit

  • Navy/Sky blue polo shirt – College logo/House T shirt
  • Navy/Sky blue rugby shirt – College logo (optional)
  • Sky blue PE sweatshirt – College logo
  • Navy/Black shorts- (these need to be of the appropriate length)
  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Black/Navy plain sports leggings (small sports logos are acceptable)
  •  Black/Navy base layer
  • Shin pads (Hockey/Football)
  • Gum shield (Rugby/Hockey)
  • Trainers (sports trainers)
  • Astro Turf trainers/ plastic studded boots (Football)
  • Football boots/studded boots for rugby

Support with kit:

  • We want to support students in having the correct kit for lessons so that they can maximise their learning and be successful in PE moving forward.
  • We encourage student to come before the College day starts, break 1 , break 2 or even the day before they have PE to speak to a member of PE staff if they have a kit issue that they need support with where they can be lent spare kit. Arriving at the lesson without kit is too late as sorting kit eats in to valuable learning time.
  • We also encourage student to speak to their tutors and house staff there is a long-term kit issues that they may need support with.

PE footwear

Plastic or moulded stud football boots (not metal) – rugby/field based activities

Astro Turf Trainers- can be used both on the 3G Astro Turf pitch but also for all other hard surface based activities that students take part in during PE lessons.

Below are types of footwear appropriate for use on the 3G Astro Turf Pitch.


  • KS4 students who take BTEC Sport may wear a BTEC sport shirt in PE lessons.
  • House Sports Captains may wear a house shirt in PE lessons.
  • No other College sweatshirts/jumpers or other outer wear to be worn during PE lessons.
  • No jewellery or watches to be worn in lessons.
  • Back/navy under-armour style shirts are allowed underneath a college PE shirt.
  • Long hair must be tied back.

Gum Shields and shin pads are available to buy from the PE department at a cost of £1.50 and £4.50 respectively.

Lesson Expectations

•Be on time
•Change quickly and promptly (5 minutes)
•Bring all correct kit and equipment required for the activity you are on.
•Hair tied up and jewellery removed before leaving the changing rooms.
•If you are unable to take part due to injury or illness, you need to inform your class teacher before entering the changing rooms.
•PE kit is always required unless agreed with your teacher, unless injury prevents changing
•If your lessons are down the playing fields you are expected move down to the fields and back to College with pace and purpose (jogging!)
•Setting up equipment and returning equipment must be done promptly and safely to ensure maximum learning time

PE Kit Expectations

If you arrive to your PE lesson with incorrect kit this will result in time in Reflection.

If you are not able to take part in the practical part of a PE lesson due to illness or injury you still need to change into full kit so you can carry out alternative roles in the lesson safely and effectively unless injury/ailment makes changing difficult. Please speak to your PE teacher to discuss.