Welcome to Expressive Arts

The expressive arts Faculty comprises of adventure learning, art, drama, music and PE. We pride ourselves in providing a stimulating and challenging learning environments where students are pushed to the edges of their self-development. The three main strands that all of our subjects develop are skill acquisition, theory and knowledge and performance.

To support and enrich the students we run the Performance Academy. Across expressive arts last year we successfully ran a total of 24 clubs across a the range of our subjects. This year we are also running a cookery club, a climbing club and a sixth form netball club for the winter term. The spring term will also see art and orienteering clubs taking place and in the summer term we are looking forward to putting together a water based activity at Roadford Lake.

There are a number of great occasions throughout the year that involved Launceston College students and the community; some of the highlights being the Carol Concert, Sports day, the art and photography exhibitions and the College Production. Student teams successfully represented Launceston College in all the traditional team and individual sports.

The Expressive Arts Faculty is –

Mr Dave Egford Head of Faculty
Mrs Estelle Pears Head of Art
Mrs Madeline Spink Head of Drama
Mr Rob Strike Head of Music
Mr Paul Daymond Head of PE
Mrs Caroline Reade Adventure Learning
Mrs Francis Penney Art teacher
Mr Luke Wade Art teacher
Ms Louise Rash Drama Teacher and Assistant Principal KS3
Mr John O’Donoghue PE Teacher and Head of Rescorla House
Mr Tom Lyle PE Teacher and Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator
Mr Steve Rush PE Teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Lyndsay Trudgeon PE Teacher
Mrs Jackie Jarvis PE Teacher and School Sports co-ordinator
Miss Steph Pickering Dance Teacher
Mr Peter Zalick Music technician

Please contact Mr Dave Egford (stfdae@launcestoncollege.org.uk) if you would like to visit the faculty .