Key Stage 3 Enterprise

Assessment at Key Stage 3

From September 2014 we have updated our assessment approach due to the formal introduction of Computer Science into the Curriculum.

As a department we have developed a “Computing” curriculum which continues to embrace ICT for students at Launceston College and adopts the new computing curriculum. We believe this will give students a good balance of “Computing” skills including the day to day skills needed to use ICT to its full potential.

The assessment of Key Stage 3 Computing will focus on the following areas,

  • Programming
  • Computational Knowledge and Understanding
  • Software to Support Learning
  • Undertaking Creative Projects
  • E-Safety “Digital Life”

Each area will have individual criteria for the students to achieve. This will allow the students to achieve anything from a Grade 1 up to Grade 9 based on work completed in regular assessments throughout the academic year.

Within each Key Stage of Enterprise; all programmes of study can be accessed accordingly.

Programmes of Study