Design Technology at A Level

The department offers exciting and interesting courses at both AS and A2 Level. At AS Level, students will develop a portfolio of creative skills that includes investigating, designing and making. To support these areas they will cover design and technology in practice, which includes such areas as: materials and components, health and safety, and industrial practice.

In the A2 Level, year students investigate designing for the future, which will include areas such as sustainability and systems and control.

Students learn to:

  • develop a broad view of design and technology
  • develop their capacity to design and make products
  • appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.

Product Design

Product Design is an exciting and challenging course that combines the development of practical skills with knowledge and understanding of material properties and manufacturing processes. Product design allows you the freedom to creatively develop a solution to a design problem in a material(s) area of your choice. You are encouraged to develop a broad view of design and technology through product analysis and the study of iconic design pieces. You will also develop your capacity to design and make products and to appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing. At AS level you will develop an understanding of a broad range of materials, with emphasis on the life cycle of products, manufacture and final disposal. The specification also considers the broader issues for the designer, including the environmental sustainability of products and consumer safety.
At A2, the specification offers you the opportunity to further develop your knowledge and practical skills from AS.



A-level Food Technology helps develop a number of skills:

– How to analyse and investigate
– How to create new foods
– The role of marketing in food development
– Team work on practical projects
– How to develop your own ideas


Professional Cookery

The NVQs in professional cookery are applicable for people working, or wishing to work, in a wide range of hospitality and catering outlets.

The specialised units have been selected to provide a broad knowledge base for the progression into employment as a qualified chef ,and or to allow individuals to further progress into more specialised fields and training at level 3 and above.


Art Textiles

A-level Art & Design Textiles explores the processes, skills, concepts and ideas associated with textile design.
The emphasis is on the expressive and creative use of materials to create textile and fashion-based work.

Design or Fashion and Textiles and can also be used to enrich a portfolio of work for Art College for courses such as Art Foundation.

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