Six reasons why DT is the right option at GCSE

1. Choose your own direction!

There are so many different opportunities… just pick the projects that excite you the most.


2. Pick a subject that lets you get creative!

Give yourself a few hours a week to open your mind and develop great ideas into exciting products.

3. Excellent grade prospects!

DT at Launceston College has a reputation for allowing students to achieve outstanding grades through great courses and fantastic support.


4. Practical!

The new coursework guidance encourages less paperwork and more making, so you end up with some really great products to take away with you.

5. Fantastic career opportunities!

DT can lead to an incredible range of careers in some of the most exciting industries, from fashion to gaming to spaceship engineering.


6. Amazing Technology!

Get your hands on the latest in 3D printing, laser technology, smart materials and the most up to date cooking facilities… all as part of your lessons.

Check out the the DT options at GCSE Here…

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