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Fabulous Year 9 Artwork

Year 9 Surrealism Homework. Students were asked to research and select the work of one the artists Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico, Yves Tanguy and Rene Magritte

When they had selected an artist they liked create an information page about them. This could be images from the internet, the images could be printed or hand drawn, find 5 interesting facts about the artist and pick 2 images they have created and explain why they liked or dislike them.

Pick an image by their chosen artist and make a pastiche (copy) of the image this could be drawn, painted of collaged.

Once they had their artist research, the pastiche then use their imagination and the work that they had researched to inspired them to create their own fantasy/surreal piece of art work. This could be animals with extra-long legs marching over a fantasy landscape, a strange world were tea cups are bigger than houses and a horse will fit on the palm of their hand the more dream like the image the better. They may be inspired by the lockdown and recent events in their life, it could be a reoccurring dream or complete fantasy.

Lottie in 9NVT create a piece of work in response that used Adobe Fresco to create the whole image in the style of a Dali landscape. She created a very interesting dream like landscape using 21st century technology that Dali could not have conceived, but captured the essence of a surreal image.