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European Day of Languages

Last week, the Modern Foreign Languages held its first House Competition of the year, to celebrate European Day of Languages on Sunday 26th October.

An impressive 235 students took part, with Rescorla blazing to victory with 992 points over Hepworth (927pts), closely followed by Causley (916 pts) and Trevithick finishing four with still a respectable 896 points.

For this MFL house competition, students in Year 7+8 had to recognise Marvel and Disney characters in French and Spanish and we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of students who took part. Well done everyone!

Please see this presentation for the answers.

Some students in Year 9+10 also need to be hugely congratulated for their commitment and hard work. They took part in our Great European Bake off and produced some amazing cakes representing Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Estonia and the UK. Bravo to our very skilled bakers!

Finally, students in Year 11+12+13 used their knowledge of the school to recognise staff speaking in different languages. They had the opportunity to appreciate Mrs Burn, Mrs Rueda and Mrs Sapelkina Tambling respectively reciting poems in Scottish, Catalán and Russian  as well as hearing Ms Bernardi, Mrs Bungay,  Dr Lancaster, Mr Machin, Mr Wendon and Mrs Zaleski introducing themselves in German, Romanina, Swedish, Portuguese, French and Japanese. Finally, Mrs Thompson delighted everyone by singing in Swahili.

Thank you for your participation everyone!